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The next generation of dental care is here.

Good oral health not only ensures healthy teeth and a radiant smile, it also guarantees the overall health of your mouth. In addition to whiter teeth, Smillys® ensures better tooth brushing that will eliminate cavities as well as the appearance of other problems related to dental plaque, which promotes the proliferation of microbes.

Get ready to smile

At Smillys®, we are committed to excellence. To meet your requirements, we make the quality of our products and services a priority. All our products are innovative and make you smile, 24 hours a day.

Smillys® Micro - Revolutionary Toothbrush




UPDATE: Many of you responded to the survey on the effectiveness of brushing your teeth.
It is thanks to the results that we have made the toothbrush that corresponds to all your criteria (compared to a classic brush):

✔ 97% more efficient cleaning (removes food residue, bacteria plaque and stains)
✔ No bleedy gums
✔ Whiter teeth
✔ 2 times longer life span
✔ Modern ergonomics and design
✔ Easy handling - non-slip
✔ Unique brushing sensation

Brighten your smile with healthy white teeth

White teeth are the result of effective brushing combined with good oral health. Smillys® Micro toothbrushes significantly increase the effectiveness of each brushing and help you achieve a bright smile quickly.

Soft as a feather

The gum line and inter-proximal areas are very sensitive to the accumulation of plaque bacteria. In addition to creating bleeding, hard bristles can actually damage the enamel making you more prone to cavities.

Our toothbrushes are particularly careful to remove plaque from this area, as well as the gaps between your teeth, thanks to its 12,000 micro bristles. Without bleeding or discomfort, brushing your teeth becomes a real pleasure!

Say goodbye to your dentist

With 12,000 very soft and flexible PBT bristles, Smillys® Micro can deeply clean your teeth, and every corner.

Hard bristles can actually damage the enamel making you more prone to cavities which means more doctor visits. The is why we created the softest toothbrush!

Suitable for everyone

Because they provide a unique brushing experience, Smillys® Micro toothbrushes are suitable for people with fragile gums, sensitive teeth, children's or adult teeth and for people who want to improve their oral hygiene.

 The media recommends brushing teeth with Smillys


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