Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips

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Remove years of stains

Yellow teeth are usually the result of stains caused by years of coffee, tea, wine, sauces, and tobacco. Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips, are the result of advanced technology research, and are precisely targeting these stains. Our goal : to help your teeth to regain their natural whiteness, and give your smile its irresistible brightness!


Recommended by the world's leading dentists

Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips are based on a professional technology, designed for a fast whitening effect on your teeth, that is recommended by the world's leading dentists.

We have applied a highly selective protocol to develop and manufacture a product, Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips, of which we are proud and we 100% trust.

They adopt gentler and natural ingredients combined with innovative oxidized whitening technology to remove stains, leaving smoother, cleaner and brighter teeth.


Easy and convenient to use

Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips need to be applied only 30 minutes per day during 14-20 days. 

Each foil packet contains two whitening strips, one for your upper set of teeth and one for the lower set.

Apply the gel side of whitening strip to teeth. Line-up the strip with the edge of your gum and apply gentle pressure to help mold the strip to the shape of your teeth. Fold the excess strip behind teeth to help keep it in place.

Carefully remove each strip after 30 minutes, and brush teeth normally.

So simple steps for a wonderful Smile !


Ultra-fast results

The first results are visible within 3 days. After 14 days of treatment, the results are complete and you normally gain 3-4 white nuances*. You can now control the degree of whiteness of your enamel!

We recommend to renew the treatment every 4-6 months This will avoid stains due to daily consumption of coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco.


 * : results may vary


Safe on enamel

Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips use the same whitening ingredients as dentists and are enamel-safe, meaning they won't damage enamel.


Whiten your teeth at home at affordable price

Forget expensive whitening sessions at specialized clinics! Smillys® 5D Whitening Strips allows you to obtain a similar result, in a fast, easier, and much cheaper way!


Each package includes:

  • 7 pairs of Smillys® 5D Whitening (14 pieces)


Main components:

Glycerol, water, cellulose gum, hydrogen peroxide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Mossie Heller

The strips are ok. They work, visibly brighter teeth after the use. No pain or burning after use, no bad taste. The application takes a minute until they really stick to the teeth. If they were some millimeters broader things would be easier.

Tyson Terry

It's okay, it's coming, even faster I tried it. Bleached. But the effect is not long

Ruben Volkman

Delivery fast, all as in the photo

Brisa Wisoky

I still have not tested, I can not say anything

Reagan Schroeder

The order came, did not communicate with the seller. The strips immediately tried, the teeth on the tone were lighter, I will order more.